Our Commercial Analysts

Greg Campbell

Dr Greg Campbell is a data and engineering consultant with over 19 years experience across a wide range of industries including mining, public service departments and corporations, health, education, communications and transport.

Greg has expertise across all data related aspects of organisations, including data led strategic decision making, operational analysis and improvement, asset condition and performance monitoring, human resources planning, business forensics, payroll auditing and pricing/customer segmentation. His experience in data infrastructure includes data auditing, database and data warehouse design, analytics design, and systems analysis. He also advises on successful technical leadership.

Greg’s speciality is extracting maximum value from client data, regardless of the difficulty. He takes a holistic view of every problem, ensuring that any data work is considered in the context of the organisation and its people. He is a skilled communicator, trainer and stakeholder manager and develops an effective rapport with any level of an organisation.

Greg has Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Mechanical Engineering, a Master of Engineering Science and a Bachelor of Engineering from the University of Queensland. He is a Registered Professional Engineer in Queensland.