We provide an end-to-end analytical solution to support your strategic,financial and operational decisions

Key Offerings


  • Performance Engineering

    We help you identify and act on your key performance gaps:

    • Operational benchmarking
    • Value driver reporting
    • Improvement option evaluation
    • Trend analysis

    Our experience includes the development of regular reporting processes and tools to focus attention on areas of high value impact

  • ASX 50 Iron Ore Producer

    An ASX 50 Iron Ore Producer needed to develop business evaluation processes and tools to enhance their business development efforts

    We worked with their commercial teams to develop a variety of new processes and tools for the:

    • Synthesis of study information
    • Analysis of individual upcoming projects
    • Modelling of potential scenarios and growth options
    • Forecasting and reporting of company-wide results
    • Development of corporate long term strategic plans

  • QLD ASX Listed Coal Producer

    A QLD Coal Producer needed to develop a project evaluation and funding analysis model to support the completion of an expansion feasibility study

    We worked with their key executives, study managers and engineers to help:

    • Develop a model to support their project evaluation and funding efforts
    • Capture and integrate key engineering and commercial assumptions to appropriately evaluate the project
    • Identify and evaluate a variety of value engineering options
    • Present key results at the executive, board and joint venture partner levels