Case Studies

Our team has worked with some of the largest Resources companies in Australia

Case Studies

We have worked on projects across Australia from Retail to Agriculture and Resources, from Iron Ore to Gold to Mineral Sands

  • ASX 50 Iron Ore Producer

    An ASX 50 Iron Ore Producer needed to develop business evaluation processes and tools to enhance their business development efforts

    We worked with their commercial teams to develop a variety of new processes and tools for the:

    • Synthesis of study information
    • Analysis of individual upcoming projects
    • Modelling of potential scenarios and growth options
    • Forecasting and reporting of company-wide results
    • Development of corporate long term strategic plans

  • QLD ASX Listed Coal Producer

    A QLD Coal Producer needed to develop a project evaluation and funding analysis model to support the completion of an expansion feasibility study

    We worked with their key executives, study managers and engineers to help:

    • Develop a model to support their project evaluation and funding efforts
    • Capture and integrate key engineering and commercial assumptions to appropriately evaluate the project
    • Identify and evaluate a variety of value engineering options
    • Present key results at the executive, board and joint venture partner levels

  • WA ASX Listed Iron Ore Producer

    A WA Iron Ore Producer required an analytical tool to help them blend and schedule shipping for their expected near term production

    We worked with their key technical team members to develop an analytical model to:

    • Automate their blending and scheduling process
    • Produce a set of key outputs that included near term shipping schedules

  • ASX 50 Oil & Gas Producer

    The commercial and infrastructure group at an ASX 50 Oil & Gas Producer required an analysis of their strategic accommodation options from a financial perspective.

    We worked with their consultants and team members to :

    • Develop an evaluation model to enable a variety of scenarios to be assessed
    • Analyse a range of short and long term accommodation scenarios
    • Present key results to commercial team executives

  • WA Gold Producer

    One of the largest Gold Producers in Western Australia sought to answer two strategic questions:

    • What their optimum size and mine mix should be?
    • What their full potential value could be?

    We worked with management to develop a strategic planning tool to help them optimise their mine mix, helping them to decide on:

    • An overall mine mix portfolio
    • A strategy for mine development

  • ASX 100 Mineral Sands Producer

    An ASX 100 Mineral Sands Producer needed to develop a new strategic planning tool to improve its capability in evaluating its deposits, mining sequences and business initiatives

    We worked with their Business Development team to design a new strategic planning tool for each of their major operational regions, that enabled them to:

    • Assess the value of various deposits
    • Forecast potential production impacts from varying deposit sequences
    • Model potential operational or corporate initiatives

  • ASX 50 Mining Contractor

    The contract mining division of an ASX 50 construction company needed to redevelop their cost forecasting and reporting processes

    We worked with their management team to develop a forecasting and reporting solution that worked with their existing processes to provide them with:

    • Detailed forecasting tools and processes for the three operational groups at each Pilbara site
    • Integrated forecasting tools and reporting processes for each site as a whole

  • ASX 100 Electricity Utility Regional Company

    A regional company for an ASX 100 Electricity Utility needed to support their business improvement initiatives

    We helped their Field Services Group develop a set of business improvement processes and reporting tools to:

    • Track the progress of business initiatives
    • Evaluate and report on ongoing improvement opportunities